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 Pittsburgh Company designs and develops apparel dedicated to providing professionals with the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and protection.

(Pittsburgh, Pa) October, 2012- on+qor, a woman owned business, has a World Wide distribution network that provides apparel that is fluid repellant and both chemical and stain resistant.  on+qor apparel provides the wearer protection against blood borne pathogens and fluid strike though for the lifetime of the garment.  Our unique material is treated with a non-leaching antimicrobial which is breathable, comfortable and can assist hospitals in their efforts to control Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s).

In 2009 Pennsylvania hospitals reported over 23,000 patients that acquired an HAI, which was 1.2% of the entire hospitalizations that year.  The mortality rate for patients that acquired an HAI was 9.4%, it was 1.8% for patients that did not acquire an HAI.  The average length of stay for patients acquiring an HAI was 21.6 days versus just 4.9 days for patients not acquiring an HAI.  Finally, the estimated average Medicare payment for patients who acquired an HAI during their hospitalization was $20,471. The estimated average Medicare payment for those without an HAI was $6,615.

Nationally, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, estimates that 1.7 million patients contract an HAI and that nearly 99,000 patients die.  The annual direct medical costs of HAI’s to U.S. hospitals range from $28.4 to $33.8 Billion.

Hospitals and patients worldwide are also challenged by the burden of HAI’s.  In a World Health Organization (WHO) cooperative study (55 hospitals in 14 countries from four WHO regions), finds about 8.7% of hospitalized patients had acquired an HAI.

 on+qor's treated material protects both wearer & patient from cross-contamination and can assist medical facilities control the devastating costs of HAI’s.  on+qor’s medical and hospital uniforms are tested for 200 washings and have the added benefit of fluid resistance which prevents staining and saturation of the fabric by chemicals, blood and other body fluids.

on+qor, a Pittsburgh based woman owned business is the manufacturer of protective textiles.  Do you have someone or something that needs protected?  Contact and let us provide you with Material Solutions.